Assignment 1: Program and Organization

In groups of two

1. Investigate the crisis of the public library in the internet age from at least 5 sources. Analyse, debate and extract preliminary key ideas 

2. research the programmatic and spatial requirements of a traditional public library

3. study one of the following projects in terms of exchanges between users, programmatic elements and site flows. You need to diagram the three mentionned specifities of the project.

Centre Pompidou, France by Richard Rogers
Bibliotheca Alexandria, Egypt
Bibliotheque Nationale by Dominique Perrault
Phoenix Central Library
Vancouver Central Library- Safdie Architects
Seattle Public Library- OMA
Jussieu Public Library- OMA
Utrecht University Library- Wiel Arets
Sendai Mediatheque- Toyo Ito
State Library Berlin- Hans Sharoun
Exeter Library, Louis Kahn
Tama Art University Library,Toyo Ito


4. Based on your analysis, present a program proposal for the National Public Library,
This proposal should be innovative and speculative that rethinks the traditional performance of a library in the age of information. 
It should be presented in series of diagrams showing new relationships between users and programmatic elements.

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