session 2

Hi Class,

Just a small recap of your to do list for this weekend:
1-respond to the readings online (300 words).
2-research types of media materials to be housed in a library(printed AND digital), library classification systems (decimal/dewey system versus others)
3-diagram spatial & organizational requirements of a national library, with capacity of 2 million items (this will be the capacity of your library).
books are measured by linear meters of shelving instead of square meters The Library of Congress states that its collection fills about 838 miles (1,349 km) of bookshelves,[15] while the British Library reports about 625 kilometres (388 mi) of shelves.[16] The Library of Congress holds about 147 million items with 33 million books against approximately 150 million items with 25 million books for the British Library.[15][16] )
4-diagram relationships of your contemporary case study ( flows of users/program/site)
5-diagram your proposed program + manifesto, which should address physical & digital media culture, the role of the library and the new program( re-watch the posted video+diagrams as a good example).

Now it is all about understand the components of the public library and to rethink its role and program through diagrams.

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