analysis for the first article

the writer started with the "collapsing walls" which is destroying the boarders and developing the world to a new state where the media and technologies are taking over the old sophisticated thoughts which lead to division and wars to the world. He gave as an example the collapse of Berlins wall in november 9/1989 as a result of the media and technological innovations that triggers massive social and cultural transformation. This example was given to show the positive effect of the technological innovation and the media on our societies. In addition, he mentions the chamges in the way of life according to architecture which is the mirror of the society that reflects the culture. he introduces the work of great architects who had a role in the development of the societies by their work .he started with Le Corbousier's role that shows the is shoeing the difference between his way " Human's way" and the other "donkey's way" (primative ,aimless , headless etc...) . He shows the evolution of a human being from desire to decipline which is necessary also for the efficiency ,functionality, and hirarchy in the industrial society. Then he introduces Mies Van Der Rohe's work as the logic of the grid (the developed state of le courbsier's grid). he says "true architecture is always objective and is the expression of the inner structure of our time from which it stems.
after all the writer moves to complexity and contradiction with Robert ventouri who introduced media with a big role in his architecture. He comments on Mies's saying as boring simplicity.
on the other hand Frank Gherry seeks an alternative logic that approximates the logic of networking. He favored the trial and error theory. His architecture was dinamic rather than rigid , organic rather than mechanical and complex rather than simple. the new programmes like Catia served him in bringing his archetecture to life.

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