Assignment 3: Urban Strategies/ Urban Concept

Based on you site and programmatic analysis, you will come up with up to 10 distinct interventions for the site.
Your urban intervention should base on a site intention identified by a keyword, a design action/verb that translates this keyword into urban massing, and a physical model.

the urban intervention should rethink existing relationships  on the site and project new ones. It must address the site conditions and how you locate your program on site.

For each scheme, you should have:
a physical model ( 1/1000 scale) showing topography of your reconstructed ground.
diagram(s) that narrates the intention and design verb process. ( excellent diagrams shown in previous post, Boston City Hall project)

Tips/ hints:
-rethink existing sectional relationships ( see boston city hall proposal 2 section)
-attenuate negative features of your site by " antidote" design actions (see proposal 1 for example)
-rethink the approach sequences to the site though different green public space/building massing scenarios.
-maximize a good feature of the site ( a good view/panoramic that already exists, an open space...)
-rethink how program adapts to site
-identify critical spaces, lines and planes that form enclosure and thresholds on an important site section and plan. add platforms and vertical lines that create desired enclosures and thresholds on site. then add spaces as appropriate, completing your proposed sequence of spaces in a physical model.
- make comparative program studies  in 3d( put all program area on one floor in site, then on two floors, three floors, 10 floors, 20 floors). compare the different masses that could come up and what it means in terms of open space left.

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