Grid and Network

Transformation and technological innovations appeared lately to a change from the grid culture to network culture. These changes helped in collapsing the Berlin wall years 1989 that lead to a shift from an industrial society to an informative one.

Since the grid system provides stability and control, and globalization provides complexity, the large change in media culture appeared after the transformation from the grid system to the network. Different architects have different point of views against this situation, some works of Le Corbusier and Mies Ven de Roche represents the grid system, whereas others like Venturi's theories and Frank Ghery designs represents complexity.

Le corbusier suggests why grids and their geometry are so important for modern art and architecture as well and modern life, Mies Van de Roche thinks that both the site and the buildings confirm to the grid system. Whereas Venturi says that modernism's preoccupation deals with the formal simplification of complexity and Frank Ghery didn't found any beauty in forms and rigid structures, thus he was dealing with complexity.

Thus, the surging currents of network culture pulsate through mind and body, and everything drifts away from equilibrium and approaches the edge of chaos, where it becomes clear that this moment of complexity is where the action is.

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