In the first chapter of the reading, Kahn states the difference between the ideal renaissance plan and Da Vinci’s sketch. The ideal renaissance plan is a clearly bounded place impenetrable to attacks, thus it was called the Palmonuova. On the other hand, Da Vinci’s sketch, the unbound space, shows that no borders divide site from situation therefore you obtain a porous site.
Site analysis and site model construction:
The five concepts for urban site is thinking of the changes that the site is subjected to. Changes that are beyond the designer’s control.
Site Reach: Show the relationships between an urban site and its surroundings.
Site Construction: Is to study the site and the spatial limitsthat affect the site, it allows the shifting of spaces thus making an urban site porous.
Unbound sites: Neglecting the definition of site boundary, isolating an urban site from its surroundings.
Urban Constellation: Relationship betwwen the context and site are unclear. It is based on local urban characteristics of the site.
Site as a Source of Materials and Energy for Building:

People know the site because they made it and shaped it. Since materials were found in nature. Materials in the site should actually be from the site itself or from a nearby location providing the stock for basic material supplies. The lot on the site acts as a warehouse for storing these materials. Sice transportation was difficult and expensive materials were from the site and from ares surrounding the site.
Energy for buildings was limited; therefore site itself should be self-sufficient in terms of energy consumption. The site itself must be interdependent.
In the 19th century the innovation of new technologies and materials that changed architecture as a whole. Urbanization and transportation were affected by this new technology. These new materials lead to a change in reinforced concrete and steel. They advanced to become developed reinforced plastics, adhesives and alloys. In addition to these technologies huge advancements were made in fields of ventilating and air conditioning. Technology overtook buildings.

This high tech design was the state of art equipment where the use of energy and materials increased and the limitation of the impact on the environment increased.

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