Library Nationale de France

Nationale Library of France

Architect : Dominique Perrault

Involves symbolism. Four ‘open books’ opened and used as structure to show the closing off of an area. The area becomes closed off with invisible continuation of the ‘books’and yet still maintains the function as an open public space. This shows a person or spectator that the building was created as means of creating a location or place based on symbolism rather than a single building. In other words the buildings can be represented in a metaphorical approach. To where books are vertical, walls are also vertical elements which when placed in both general and specific manner create voids and spaces closed off. These spaces which are or seem closed off must represent a specific function. In this case the a main function of a library is for one to read books. However keeping the complexity and contradiction with two functions, the other funtion being to contain books. Without books one couldnt read so the main function lies with containing the books, then allowing the second function, to contain the people who read.

I will upload scanned diagram of my interpretation of Dominique Renault's explanation of his National Library after presenting them in class Tuesday.

Area: 330,000 square meters
Completed: 1997