reading comment - Five points

The reading sheds the light on five elements of organizing. The first, mobile grounds, implies a direct connection between things happening around and between the sites. If an urban site sheds information about the sites surrounding it, then it is fair to say that this site is not somethign that works alone.
Just like the organs of the body, everything is separate but must work togethor to approach a center function. The lungs need certain space, maybe more than the heart, however there is a connection between them which make them work togethor. So space is technically unimportant, when approaching ideas of a site reach, when first thinking of what the connection is between two main sites.
That means that an unassigned site has its effect on the site which is assigned for Urban representation. All this can mean is an Urban site, although its boundaries to be seen, has no site limit. The city is the sky and the sky is the limit. It is now that construction is looked at, because although a building is created according to its own boundaries in meters, it too must reflect symbolocally and/or archtiecturally the significance of buildings in surrounding sites, making the organising of a city unbound.
The idea that a city can connect through different, but important, unique but not singular connections. Eventually an idea of a Networking constellation of buildings and of sites make sense as to approach, program, materials and boundaries.

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