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It is interesting how politics and global political systems can effect architecture. By politics I mean the social effects of political eras such as the cold war era and the globalization era just after the war. The cold war itself was defined, restricted by the wall that created a box which architects couldnt get out of. This era was restricted by rectangular and geometric forms and architects designed only on a grid basis.
Finally the wall was down, and end to linear and geometric architecture and the beginning of the new era. This era in which we are living today is the globalization era, where the world has become a global network. New technologies were discovered and many other inventions were created that helped to ease architects and designers lives. Abstract forms and designs were all over in sketch pads, architects were no longer afraid to use these kinds of forms in their designs and buildings, they were no longer worried if these designs were plausible or possible. New computer design programs allowed to defy the past and make these design a reality and structurally possible to build.
Who knows how might architecture become in the coming few centuries , perhaps we are now living in a box and were not aware of it.

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