sections and elevations

Hello Class
These are the sections. download the cad file here. Each of you will do 3 drawings:
- section 0 to 21(all should be 250m long) or sections 22-23 ( higher than 250m)
- section 24 or 25 ( all of you should do one of these two sections)
- elevation in  a group of two ( elevations A-K). 

Each of you reply to this post to reserve which sections/elevations you are doing.

In the sections all should be clear: thick section line for ground ( .8), buildings that are cut in 0.6, and buildings that are projected in 0.2. 
cut buildings should show slabs. projected buildings should show their facade details ( balconies, windows, doors)
all indications of topographic levels should be present as well. 

Also, Please post your responses to the readings A.S.A.P.