Urbanism Reading Comment

From the reading, we conclude that the site analysis is a very crucial step taken by designers when they are in a process of design. The site location within a city along with its location, background and size define its urbanism. The functions around the site and the spatial networks create the links that get the urban site together. A great example of this theory is Leonardo DaVinci’s sketch.
In order to reach a good design, five concepts must be taken into consideration during the urbanism step. The first concept is the Mobile Ground Concept, in which the space encompasses specific constructive forms, leading to the fact that limits of the site are flexible. Secondly, Site Reach reveals the interaction between the specific site and the links to its urban surroundings, including the connections from the site to the externs. Thirdly, Site Construction, controls the city with its limitations on different designs, and defines the urban area with more stressed design. Fourthly, Unbound Sites, without going into owners’s rights and property areas, places the boundaries of the site in some areas and opens up the site to the external urban dynamism in others. Specific forms determine the limits of the site. Last but not least, Urban Constellations brings in the knowledge of handling larger scales moving from the site analysis to the urban analysis by going into the study of different contexts within the site.
This does not limit urban analyzing yet specifies specific urban locations for specific functions in the city. In early construction processes; moreover, the site itself defines the materials for the building, and the sources of energy. For example, wind, sun and heat studies may lead to one of the elements being the main source of energy. Likewise, the material found in the site may be used as the material in building the implemented design.
On the other hand, the 19th century along with its innovative transportation advancements and technology lead to the fact that specific technologies took over the building materials. Reinforced concrete and plastics, along with different alloy compositions were now brought from further sites into buildings in different urban locations. That is mainly due to the evolvement in transportation and urbanization. Technology within a building placed a huge impact on the buildings urban surrounding and incremented and defined the limitations of the environment

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