Hello all,

the grades are out. ( you can find them under grades)
the general level of the class need considerable work to raise to a design 5 level. Most of you have potential,  but you need to do your share of work+ personal research, be more professional, work more and in an efficient way to achieve better results.
this phase  ( between now and the mid-review) is really critical to determine your status in the studio, and to actually raise your level. i will give special/ additional sessions because you need it.

the brief for the final problem is out ( under brief). It explains how the next phase will be organized. read it very well, and prepare your work accordingly for tuesday.
(based on last review's feedback, you are to develop one scheme in model ( 1/500) , diagrams and one-line plans)

A new system of desk criting will take place where the class will be divided in two groups, and i see 10 people each time; this is in order to spend more time with each of you.

See you on Tuesday.

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