1. Dear Khaled,
    Please study the proportions of your " worm". I have doubts that a normal program would fit in the tail. please refine the width and height, and justify the incremental change of height through a study of proportions.Is there a particular order according to which the worm is decreasing in height? why not increase instead? how does this form address future expansion of program? waiting to see 1/250 plans sections model on tuesday.

  2. Miss the tail don't have a program in its interior
    it starts from 20 cm to reach a max height of 3 m
    the role of it is from the outside, how it's creating a closed transition space and protecting it from the "boulevard" an increase in height with the traffic.
    And it is offering an outside space to sit on, or to walk on it to reach the garden roof top of the library.