Progress- Session 2 / Instructions.

Recap of our discussions yesterday

Moe DD: in section on topo lines.
Cindrella: with proportions and mat typology to create courtyards
Stephanie: within triangle
Hamza: loop scheme
Patrick: light and shadows
Ali:  the last scheme.
Nisrine: back to last scheme. Miralles as a main reference.
Imad: developing the new version.
Rani: in sections to rebuild edge.
Georges: from above and below.

meeting for all class on Tuesday at 10 am in class, Byblos, with plans, sections, diagrams, model at 1/250.

Half of the class was absent yesterday. No student is allowed to skip class for any reason. You have to be there , working, even if it is not your turn to see me.
hampi, mohammad aa, amira, mohammad s, khaled, and youssef; you should have called or emailed BEFORE CLASS, requesting if you can skip, that is only for medical reasons+ report. you have to do it in person. you CAN NOT send a word with one of your friends. i won't and did not accept it.

people i still did not see: Younes, Khaled. post on blog a.s.a.p
people that still dont have a scheme to base on: Youssef, Mohammad AA, Mohammad S, Patrick, Mohammad DD, Rani, Cindrella. Please work harder than usual to get there.

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