a quick recap on the projects i have reviewed yesterday:

georges: contouring and underground library
fady: folding/unfolding the green line
joy: merging your horizontal scheme with your sectioning technique
hampi: a new slope.
noor: back to scheme 1/ more developed + adjusted proportions
sebastian: 3 snakes with one head.
all of you need to show me a 1/250 model + plans + sections+diagrams for next time.

people who have still undefined schemes:
patrick: shades and shadows. a library that follows the light.
moe aa: still waiting for your work to give a direction.
youssef: same, waiting for your work. work in section not plan
moe dd: get back to topography scheme. manipulate the lines vertically instead of extruding them. refer to scheme posted on blog. work in section not plan.
i need to see your schemes on thursday. 1/500 model + diagrammatic plans/program/sections.

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  1. Thanks a lot Miss... Your assistance is tremendously appreciated ! Have a great evening