Site Strategies Review

the review tomorrow will start at 3.00 pm sharp.
all students who are still plotting/ not pinned up will be penalized by half a grade down. (i will take attendance at 2.50pm)
the review's guest juror will be Prof. Cindy Menassa.
presentations will be 6mn each so organize your time:
1mn introduction that introduce and link your site analysis with your strategies+ 1 mn per strategy .
deliverables for each strategy : model 1/500 + diagrams+ title.
all models need to fit on the site model.

Presentation order:
3.00-4.10  Stephanie/Imad/Ali/Rani/Joy/Khaled/Hampi
4.20-5.30  Fady/Moe AA/ Cindrella/Georges/Younes/ Nisreen/ Moe DD
5.40-6.50  Patrick/Sebastian/Amira/ Hamza/Moe S/Nour/Youssef

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