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Assignment 2



Review 2 Boards (part2)

I still have two boards that I am not able to post them because they are too big..I'll keep trying to upload them...




Still have one Board that i am not able to upload  it is too big it contains the elevation drawing and a panoramic picture of it.

Review 2 Boards (part1)

Great time to read
Frei Otto. Form Finding: Towards an Architecture of the Minimal 
Stan Allen, Points and Lines: Projects and Diagrams for the City, 
and Joan Busquets.Cities: X Lines: Approaches to City and Open Territory Design
all available at LAU Library.
Did anyone check out The architecture of knowledge: The library of the future? can you bring the book with you on Tuesday?

a favorite: Enrique Miralles' Palafolls public library

Some books and a dream... 
The building is a construction like any in a garden... 
It doesn’t hold any memories of the institutional character of libraries... 
They are some walls which may have been in this place. 
We have tried in different ways to give the library an apearance of a labyrinth. 
A serie of rooms and gardens put together in a non-linear way. 
The building is an experiment, that shows every part of the development of the project... 
It’s continuing changes and variations, as well as the authority of accepting the final result... 

I love Enrique Miralles' lines which express so much power and generate the architecture of his sites and buildings. i think there is much to learn from them and their dynamics. A great article on the subject.