Order for Mid Review

Group 1 (10-2) 
Jurors: Wissam Khairallah, Joseph Barakat, Boulos Douaihy, Rita Nader

  1. Nour Obeid
  2. Patrick Sfeir. 
  3. Mohammad Ali Ahmad
  4. Cinderella Semaan
  5. Younes Saad.
  6. Fady  Haddad
  7. Khaled Fares
  8. Georges El Hachem
  9. Sebastian Itani.
  10. Nisreen Khalifeh.

Group 2 (3-7)
Jurors: Jean Yasmine, Fadi Mansour

  1. Hampi Safarian.
  2. Amira Torbay. 
  3. Hamza Zain.
  4. Imad Kazan. 
  5. Mohammad DaaDaa.
  6. Joy  Salameh
  7. Youssef Moussa. 
  8. Ali Taha.
  9.  Stephanie Kortbaoui.
  10. Rani Wehbe.

Last Indications: 
Write the main points of your presentation on your sketchbook to refer to them. Take down the notes of the jurors.
All Class need to attend for the whole time. people who have presented must not leave. i have announcements at 7pm.



Dear All
After some reflections, i think you would be more flexible if I gave you two additional A0 boards (6 total), ALL ORGANIZED IN LANDSCAPE LAYOUT, IN 2 COLUMNS OF 3 to be able to fit on the studio walls.
You can print the column of three A0 separately, or in a roll, on the condition that you dont exceed the original size. here are some suggestions for the layout. 
P.S.NAME YOUR PROJECT, give a name that works with your concept.