* due to the inavailability of some books of the syllabus  in LAU Library, i updated bibliography  adding more books that are available at LAU+ link to the library. use them instead of the one you already have.

Urban Projects
Stan Allen, Points and Lines: Projects and Diagrams for the City LAU Library
Joan Busquets.Cities: X Lines: Approaches to City and Open Territory Design soon in LAU Library

The architecture of knowledge: The library of the future. Nai Publishers. LAU Library
Planning the modern public library building. LAU Library
Toyo Ito. Works, Projects, Writings. LAU Library
Wiel Arets. Works and Projects. LAU Library
TED Talks: Joshua Prince Rasmus on the Seattle Library link
Knowledge and culture : Norwegian libraries in perspective. LAU Library

Media and Networks
The Metapolis dictionary of advanced architecture : city, technology and society in the information age. LAU Library
This is not architecture : media constructions. LAU Library
Mitchell, William. Placing Words: Symbols, Space, and the City. LAU Library
Andrea Branzi. The Hot House. LAU Library
Jean Beaudrillard. The systems of objects. LAU Library
Koolhaas, Rem, Bruce Mau and Office for Metropolitan Architecture. SMLXL. New York, N.Y: Monacelli Press, 1995. LAU Library
Castells, Manuel. The Rise of the Network Society. LAU Library
The media city : media, architecture and urban space. LAU Library
Kazys Varnelis Blog. Network Culture Chart.

Form Finding. Geometry. Materials. Systems
Frei Otto. Form Finding: Towards an Architecture of the Minimal LAU Library
Performative architecture : beyond instrumentality. LAU Library
Architectural Design: Folding in Architecture. LAU Library
Lisa Iwamoto. Architectural and Material Techniques. LAU Library
Digital Materiality in Architecture. Lars Muller Publishers.
Frampton, Kenneth. Studies in Tectonic Culture:  The Poetics of Construction in Nineteenth and Twentieth Century Architecture. LAU Library
Farshid Moussawi. The Function of Ornament. LAU Library
Cecil Balmond. Informal. LAU Library
Andreas Deplazes. Constructing Architecture: Materials, Processes, Structures. ebook, LAU Library
Daniels, Klaus, Low-tech Light-tech High tech: Building in the Information Age LAU Library
Edition Detail, Birkhauser Volumes LAU Library

Diagrams and Representation
The diagrams of architecture. LAU Library

Additional Links & Projects
The architecture of the British Library at St Pancras. LAU Library
Bibliothèque nationale de France 1989-1995. LAU Library