Deliverables for Tuesday 10th

Dear All,

I hope you had spend good holidays and wish you all a very good 2012.
In anticipation to your return, i would like you to get back to full-scale production on your project.
For next Tuesday, please develop:
1. a sectional model at 1/100 that shows the skin details,
2. detailed elevations at 1/250. ( they should be reflecting the skin detail of the sectional model)
3. updated detailed plans at 1/250 (structure, walls, stairs, furniture should all be there)
in addition to:
4. landscape plan at 1/250
5. diagrams at 1/500 of  i)structure and envelop, ii) circulation & public space, iii) program
6. vignettes of spatial sequences from the three different corners of your project.
All of you should write and present in no more than 200 words your concept and revised manifesto.

Good luck and see you next week.

Our last desk crit will be on Thursday 26th of January, so we have two intensive weeks of work until then ( Jan 10-Jan 26).
The final review will take place on Friday February 3rd, all day ( to be confirmed after i hear from the jurors). Please free yourselves on that day to be there. 
The 8 days between Jan 26- Feb 3 will be for production.

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