Dear Class,
the semester is over. I hope you enjoyed this class, and mostly, learned from it. here are some snapshots from the final review, which i have to say was generally on a good level of presentation. i congratulate you on the milestone you did this semester, and urge you to keep striving for high quality design and critical thinking; for the two and a half years to come.


hello to all!!
i hope you all had a good night sleep, i just wanted to say, although we had a tough semester, with soo many sleepless nights, at the end its worth it!
i loved having you as my classmates and Mrs. Sandra, it was a pleasure having u as our teacher!!
hopefully to c u all in spring!!!



Group 1 (10-2) 

Jurors: David Kuelby, Cindy Menassa, Annette Erlenwein

1.              Rani Wehbe (10:00; 401)
2.              Patrick Sfeir (10:25; 401)
3.              Fady Haddad(10:50; 401)
4.              Sebastian Itani (11:15; 401)
5.              Joy  Salameh (11:40; 401)
6.              Nour Obeid. (12:05; 402)
7.              Hamza Zein (12:30; 402)
8.              Hampi Safarian. (12:55; 402)
9.              Mohammad Samadi (1:20; 402)
10.         Khaled Fares (1:45; 402)
11.         Ali Taha (2:05; 402)

Group 2 (2.30-6.30)
Jurors: Mazen Haidar, Chris Burns, Elie Harfouche

1.              Imad Kazan. (2.30; 401)
2.              Mohammad DaaDaa. (2:55; 401)
3.              Youssef Moussa. (3:20; 401)
4.              Nisreen Khalifeh. (3:45; 401)
5.              Mohammad Ali Ahmad (4.10; 401)
6.              Stephanie Kortbaoui. (4.35; 402)
7.              Younes Saad (5.00; 402)
8.              Cindrella Semaan (5.25; 402)
9.              Georges El Hachem. (5.50; 402)
10.         Amira Torbay. (6.15; 402)

1.SPACE: each of you has a space allocated in the layout above. Your boards are designated by your order number.

2.BOARDS LAYOUT: each student has 3 boards on which he/she should fit 6 A0 portrait (2 by board; different from midreview layout!). NO LESS, NO MORE.

3.PRESENTATION TIME: each student has 10 mn powerpoint time in which she/he should explain project[process, concept, systems and drawings], in addition to 5 mn walking the jury in the plans/sections on his boards and showing his models. Jurors has 10 mn to respond.

4.SUBMITTAL TIME: group 1 should be pinned up by 9.30am. group 2 by 2.15pm. ALL powerpoint presentations (Group 1+2) should be downloaded on a common laptop at 9.15am.

5.ATTENDANCE: all students presence for the whole period of the jury is mandatory. I will give portfolio instructions at 6.15pm (  portfolio and evaluation is set to 15% of studio grade).

6.PENALTIES: any student who fails to pin at the designated time (9.30am; 2.15pm) AND hand in his powerpoint at 9.15am sharp will be penalized by half a grade down. (final review is set to 35% of studio grade).




There will be no class this thursday due to your finals. 
we meet next tuesday at 9 am. i will be reviewing your final layouts. 
This will be the last session before the final reviews. 
All remaining communication will take place via the blog between then and the review day.


Deliverables for Tuesday 10th

Dear All,

I hope you had spend good holidays and wish you all a very good 2012.
In anticipation to your return, i would like you to get back to full-scale production on your project.
For next Tuesday, please develop:
1. a sectional model at 1/100 that shows the skin details,
2. detailed elevations at 1/250. ( they should be reflecting the skin detail of the sectional model)
3. updated detailed plans at 1/250 (structure, walls, stairs, furniture should all be there)
in addition to:
4. landscape plan at 1/250
5. diagrams at 1/500 of  i)structure and envelop, ii) circulation & public space, iii) program
6. vignettes of spatial sequences from the three different corners of your project.
All of you should write and present in no more than 200 words your concept and revised manifesto.

Good luck and see you next week.

Our last desk crit will be on Thursday 26th of January, so we have two intensive weeks of work until then ( Jan 10-Jan 26).
The final review will take place on Friday February 3rd, all day ( to be confirmed after i hear from the jurors). Please free yourselves on that day to be there. 
The 8 days between Jan 26- Feb 3 will be for production.


Order for Mid Review

Group 1 (10-2) 
Jurors: Wissam Khairallah, Joseph Barakat, Boulos Douaihy, Rita Nader

  1. Nour Obeid
  2. Patrick Sfeir. 
  3. Mohammad Ali Ahmad
  4. Cinderella Semaan
  5. Younes Saad.
  6. Fady  Haddad
  7. Khaled Fares
  8. Georges El Hachem
  9. Sebastian Itani.
  10. Nisreen Khalifeh.

Group 2 (3-7)
Jurors: Jean Yasmine, Fadi Mansour

  1. Hampi Safarian.
  2. Amira Torbay. 
  3. Hamza Zain.
  4. Imad Kazan. 
  5. Mohammad DaaDaa.
  6. Joy  Salameh
  7. Youssef Moussa. 
  8. Ali Taha.
  9.  Stephanie Kortbaoui.
  10. Rani Wehbe.

Last Indications: 
Write the main points of your presentation on your sketchbook to refer to them. Take down the notes of the jurors.
All Class need to attend for the whole time. people who have presented must not leave. i have announcements at 7pm.



Dear All
After some reflections, i think you would be more flexible if I gave you two additional A0 boards (6 total), ALL ORGANIZED IN LANDSCAPE LAYOUT, IN 2 COLUMNS OF 3 to be able to fit on the studio walls.
You can print the column of three A0 separately, or in a roll, on the condition that you dont exceed the original size. here are some suggestions for the layout. 
P.S.NAME YOUR PROJECT, give a name that works with your concept.


representation examples

collage/experience image

sections should be rendered using the collage method

one explanatory axonometric or exploded axonometric should be among your diagrams


miss should i continue in plans elevations sections and a 1/250 model ?


reminder: saturday's session at Gefinor Center in Hamra, Bloc E, 1rst floor, office 101/1.
(LAU studio are not available)




Hi all ,
Just want to share with you this book link


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What does it all mean?

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Progress- Session 2 / Instructions.

Recap of our discussions yesterday

Moe DD: in section on topo lines.
Cindrella: with proportions and mat typology to create courtyards
Stephanie: within triangle
Hamza: loop scheme
Patrick: light and shadows
Ali:  the last scheme.
Nisrine: back to last scheme. Miralles as a main reference.
Imad: developing the new version.
Rani: in sections to rebuild edge.
Georges: from above and below.

meeting for all class on Tuesday at 10 am in class, Byblos, with plans, sections, diagrams, model at 1/250.

Half of the class was absent yesterday. No student is allowed to skip class for any reason. You have to be there , working, even if it is not your turn to see me.
hampi, mohammad aa, amira, mohammad s, khaled, and youssef; you should have called or emailed BEFORE CLASS, requesting if you can skip, that is only for medical reasons+ report. you have to do it in person. you CAN NOT send a word with one of your friends. i won't and did not accept it.

people i still did not see: Younes, Khaled. post on blog a.s.a.p
people that still dont have a scheme to base on: Youssef, Mohammad AA, Mohammad S, Patrick, Mohammad DD, Rani, Cindrella. Please work harder than usual to get there.


Hello all,
I just wanted to inform you that on Tuesday 22 there is going to be an extra session in our usual design class at 10:00am...
It is highly recommended to attend the class for your benefit.
Thank you



a quick recap on the projects i have reviewed yesterday:

georges: contouring and underground library
fady: folding/unfolding the green line
joy: merging your horizontal scheme with your sectioning technique
hampi: a new slope.
noor: back to scheme 1/ more developed + adjusted proportions
sebastian: 3 snakes with one head.
all of you need to show me a 1/250 model + plans + sections+diagrams for next time.

people who have still undefined schemes:
patrick: shades and shadows. a library that follows the light.
moe aa: still waiting for your work to give a direction.
youssef: same, waiting for your work. work in section not plan
moe dd: get back to topography scheme. manipulate the lines vertically instead of extruding them. refer to scheme posted on blog. work in section not plan.
i need to see your schemes on thursday. 1/500 model + diagrammatic plans/program/sections.



Hello all,

the grades are out. ( you can find them under grades)
the general level of the class need considerable work to raise to a design 5 level. Most of you have potential,  but you need to do your share of work+ personal research, be more professional, work more and in an efficient way to achieve better results.
this phase  ( between now and the mid-review) is really critical to determine your status in the studio, and to actually raise your level. i will give special/ additional sessions because you need it.

the brief for the final problem is out ( under brief). It explains how the next phase will be organized. read it very well, and prepare your work accordingly for tuesday.
(based on last review's feedback, you are to develop one scheme in model ( 1/500) , diagrams and one-line plans)

A new system of desk criting will take place where the class will be divided in two groups, and i see 10 people each time; this is in order to spend more time with each of you.

See you on Tuesday.